This app is for submitting data for the Kern Valley Maps App and Kern Valley Guide App. Please fill out the form with the name, address, GPS coodinates, and other information.

What exactly is this?

KRV Places data is an open data source containing extensive information on places (businesses, landmarks, mountains, towns, etc.) in and around the Kern River Valley.This data is used in serveral KernValley.US Projects, and is open source and freely available for public use.

For detailed documentation on each type, please see the official documentation for each type:

Basic Contact Info
Physical and Postal Address
GPS Coordinates

Business Hours
Social Network URLs

Where do I submit data?
Answer: Upon clicking Submit on the form, you will be given several options for submitting data. This includes a direct submission of the data, creating an issue on GitHub (account required), or sharing through email or any supported app or service. The generated data is also copied to your clipboard if supported.
What is this data used for?
Answer: This data is used for KRV Maps, KRV Guide, serveral other web apps, and is also open source and freely available to the public.
Is there any other way to submit data?
Answer: If you are familiar with YAML and GitHub, you may fork kernvalley/places, make changes, and submit a Pull Request.
Note: all submited place data MUST be valid YAML, MUST match the spec, and MUST pass the test on Google's Rich Results Test.
Is there any other use for this?

Aside from adding a place or business to KRV Maps, KRV Guide, and any other app or site that utilizes the data, this data is also useful to local business owners and webmasters, as it is what is expected by Google and other Search Engines for Rich Results for Local Businesses .

If you run a website for the local business, you may add the following code to the website, replacing the example data (between the <script> tags) with what is copied to your clipboard and/or saved to a file.

<script type="application/ld+json">
	"@context": "",
	"@type": "LocalBusiness",
	"name": "Your Business",
	"url": "",
	"email": "",
I am a developer and want to use this data. Where do I start?
Answer: The best way to start using the KernValley Places data in your project is by copying the data locally via:
git submodule add destination/directory

See Git - Submodules to learn more.

Please copy the following:

Privacy Policy

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Beyond that, other than the data you choose to submit to places data, no data is collected.